Business overview

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Business History


KN Luxury Enterprise been established as a service provider in Klang Valley area since 2013. It was started only in a small online business but now has expand into much more wider scope by involving in the government small medium project and services.

What we do


Our traditional business model is based on the supplying the daily consumer needs such as cloth, food, and other accessories. Based on the decision of the company to expand our services, we are now moving forward into engineering and chemical technical services area.

Vision statement

Our vision is creating a tremendous and healthier lifestyle to our consumer by using our services and products. We want to inspire people by conducting a transparency and lenient business relationship with the customers.

Mission statement

Currently the business is still in the building process. However, we believe we can put our position in the leading market by enhance a better strategy and developing a new ideas into society.


We treasure an honesty, teamwork and helping each other for our daily life. These are the values that were practicing for our daily operation.

Business goals & objectives

Our objectives and goals are to expand and create a global market by supplying the best consumers product with affordable price.

Growth strategy

We aim to penetrate the market not only in Malaysia, but also in South East Asia region and also in Japan as our services can be reached and have strong demand in those areas.

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