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We have 4 different types of business division under products and services.




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The products under this business division is basically supplying the halal products such as tanning soap, hand sanitizer, and also the tayammum powder. Originally the products were manufactured by the MIFF Holdings Sdn Bhd. KN Luxury Enterprise under the KN Halal Division is proudly announce that we are the authorized distributor under the MIFF Holdings Sdn Bhd to distribute the Muslims Tanning Product.  Under the KN Halal division, we have 2 section for development :


2. KN ID 



KN ID stands for KN Interior Design. We offer services for designing, construct and re develop your home office, house, and government building. We are partnering with the well known and have various experience in the interior design section.  We would give reasonable price with short amount of working time to satisfy your need. You may contact us for details and quotation



Another services and product that we offer is under the KN Land Division. We offer land around Selangor for investment or home construction. We offer the lowest price below the market price to suit your need. Click here for more details and latest news and offer about the land available.




For those of you who in need of corporate, casual and also simple tshirt, we are happy to inform that we are the supplier for all the shirt mention above. With competitive price, we believe that we can supply within the lowest rate in the market with short working time. We can supply as low as RM 15 per pcs, according with the design and the number of order.

For quotation and further details, you may contact us as follow :


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